On the Editor Dilemma

by bdhesse

As every writer knows, you never want to submit work that isn’t your best. As such, editing is a big part of writing. But how does one go about getting the editing process completed. I generally just edit my own work since I can’t afford to pay an editor and I can’t seem to motivate anybody in my life to help me. But editing my own work isn’t good enough. Obviously I need to do a good portion of my own editing, but I also need a fresh pair of eyes to read my story. I’m not always going to know if something doesn’t make sense. The story is in my head, so I know what I mean when I make a statement, and I know what is happening. But does everybody else? I might also not notice when I spell a name two different ways or use the wrong word. So I need somebody else to help me.
But how do I get somebody else to help me when I can’t afford to pay them and can’t motivate anybody I know to help me? I’m thinking about joining one of those writing websites that allow authors to publish work to be reviewed but offers protection against stealing. The problem is, all the ones I know of cost money.
I guess I’ll figure something out. After all, I do want to get something published sooner rather than later.