Who Cares If Artists Are Liberal?

by bdhesse

The other day my fiance and I were talking about how artists tend to be liberal. I seem to keep coming across comments along the lines of “look, this writer/artist/actor is a conservative Christian, isn’t that wonderful?” It has gotten me thinking about the trends that different groups tend to follow. I doubt many people would be surprised by my saying that artists tend to be more liberal than not. It’s pretty much expected. But I don’t understand the comments of “look, this person is conservative.” Of course there are conservative artists! It would be weird if there weren’t any. Artists tend to be liberal because of the type of personality that is generally attracted to the arts. Artists tend to be more empathetic and emotional, two traits that make it very easy to be more left-leaning. I myself am a very left-leaning person. But that doesn’t mean that artists can’t be more right-leaning.
Likewise, artists tend to be somewhat religious. I think the same personality that leads artists to be more left-leaning also leads artists to be more religious. I myself am not religious, and I’m not the only not religious artist out there. Again, it would be weird if I was.
Does it matter if artists/writers/actors tend to be more left-leaning?
Does it matter when artists/writers/actors defy this norm?
Should attention be drawn to artists/writers/actors who defy the norm?