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The Trip

“It’s time to wake up,” Don said as he turned the light on. “We’re leaving in 15 minutes.”

Bree groaned as she opened her eyes. She turned her head towards the closed curtains to see that there was no light shining through them. She pulled herself out of bed and went to the window to look outside. “It’s still dark out,” she complained.

“Hurry up,” Don shouted from the kitchen impatiently. “I want to get to Han’s before noon.”

Bree sighed and hurried into the bathroom. She quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face, then she threw her tooth brush and face wash into her toiletry bag. She put her toiletries into her suitcase and walked into the kitchen in her pajamas. “I’m ready,” she announced.

Don looked Bree up and down. “You’re not dressed yet,” he said.

“I’ll get changed at Han’s,” Bree replied. “It’s not even morning yet.”

Don gave Bree a skeptical look, but said nothing. “What do you want for breakfast?” he asked instead.

“It’s too early for breakfast,” Bree complained. “Where’s mom?”

“Downstairs,” Don replied. “She’s packing our water bottles for lunch. Go put our bags in the car.”

Bree sighed, but did as she was told. She had just finished packing the bags when her parents came outside.

“Ready to go?” Don asked.

“Yup,” Bree relied. She climbed into the backseat and immediately wrapped herself in the waiting blanket. “See you later,” she said as she lay her head on her pillow and closed her eyes.

“Brat,” Don said as he started the car.

The Alien Invasion Story

What alien invasion/abduction story has the most unique or interesting plot? What differentiates it from other stories about alien invasions/abductions? What is a unique twist in an alien invasion/abduction story that you have never seen but would like to?

The Boy in the Woods: Part 26

Michael and Bristol entered a small town while the others waited in a field outside. After the incident in the last town, they wanted to check this town out first.
“Do you think we can get food while we’re here?” Michael asked. “I’m hungry.”
“No,” Bristol replied. “First we need to see if this place is safe.” They walked slowly through the town, but they saw no one. “Is this place deserted?” Bristol asked as they walked by a row of what appeared to be abandoned houses. They got to the other end of town and looked at each other.
Michael shrugged. “Oh well,” he said. “I guess we could hunt tonight.” They began to walk back towards the other end of town.
As they neared the edge of town, they heard a high-pitched scream. They got through the last row of houses to see Oda, Bethany, Palesa, and Geoffrey running towards them. Following a short distance behind them was what appeared to be a dinosaur.
“What the hell?” Bristol cried.
“Over here!” Michael cried to their group.
The group headed towards Michael and Bristol as the monster continued to follow them.
“Are you insane?” Bristol cried. “Don’t attract that monster to us!”
“Get inside one of the houses,” Michael ordered. “Get into the basement.”
“What?” Bristol asked.
“Just do it!” Michael cried.
Bristol hurried off into the nearest house. Michael followed her towards the house, but stayed where his friends could see him.
After what seemed like ages, they finally reached Michael. “Get into that blue house, there,” he pointed as they approached him.
Bethany and Palesa ran ahead of Michael and into the house. Oda grabbed Michael and carried him into the house with him. Geoffrey was the last one to enter the house.
The group hurried into the basement in time to hear the monster slam into the side of the house.
They stopped when they saw an old couple huddled into the basement. Bristol looked as though she had been arguing with the man.
“No, no,” the man said as the monster slammed into the house. “Why did you bring him here? Don’t you know we’re all dead?”
“Why would we be dead?” Michael asked.
“That thing is going to kill us!” the old man hollered at Michael.
Oda glared at the man. “If you knew that monster was out there, why didn’t you deal with it rather than allowing it to torment innocent travellers?” he demanded.
“What was I going to do?” the old man asked. “I’m just an old man.”
“But you had a whole town behind you,” Oda replied. “Surely a hundred people can defeat one dinosaur.”
The man blinked up at Oda. “There was nothing we could do,” he replied. “The beast kept picking us off one at a time.”
“It’s called a plan, idiot!” Oda cried.
“That’s enough!” Bristol yelled at Oda. “Leave him alone.”
Oda glared at Bristol. “Why should I?” he demanded. “Now I have to clean up this idiot’s mess.”
“How?” Palesa asked. “How are we going to beat a dinosaur?”
Oda grinned. “I have my ways,” he said. He looked at Bristol. “At least, I do if you let me.”
Bristol sucked in some breath. “Fine,” she said. “I don’t seem to have any other choice.”
“I’ll help,” Michael relpied.
“Me too,” Geoffrey added.
“We’ll all help,” Bristol replied. “What’s our plan?”
“Michael and I are the brawn,” Oda said with a shrug. “We’ll fight the thing. But we need to get it away from the town first.”
“How?” Bethany demanded.
“I have an idea,” Bristol replied. “Palesa and Geoffrey can help me build something to get rid of the beast.” She turned to the old couple. “Do you happen to have any tools I can use for building? And any scraps that I can use?”
The old man nodded and pointed to a corner. “My tools are over there,” he said. “You’re welcome to use whatever you want if it will get rid of that monster.”
Bristol smiled at him. “Thank you,” she replied. “Come on,” she said to Geoffrey and Palesa. “Lets get to work.”
“What will I do?” Bethany asked.
Bristol looked over at her. “You’ll have to go with Oda and Michael,” she said. “You don’t have to fight, but get some medical supplies from this lady just in case they need it.”
Bethany looked over at the old lady.
“Upstairs,” the lady said. “First door on the right.”
Bethany hurried up the stairs to get the supplies. Bristol, Palesa, and Geoffrey followed close behind her.
“Now what?” Michael asked.
“Now we wait until it’s time to fight,” Oda said, laying down on the floor.

Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m going to try Camp NaNoWriMo this April (though I don’t know how successful I’ll be as classes end mid-April and then I have exams).

Who else is trying Camp NaNoWriMo? What are your goals? Have you done it before? Were you successful?

The Boy in the Woods: Part 25

A loud noise woke the group up. Michael looked around to see rocks crumbling to the ground from the cracking roof.
“The roof is going to collapse!” he cried.
Bethany screamed loudly.
“Come on,” Bristol and Oda said at the same time. “We need to get out of here,” Bristol finished.
They all ran out of the cave quickly. Once they were outside, they were able to see what had caused the damage.
Rain was standing on the ground looking up at them. She was holding a rocket launcher. “Give me the wishing stone or I will kill you,” she called to them.
“What’s in it for us?” Oda cried back.
“Seriously?” Bristol whispered to him.
“Never mind,” he replied. “Just keep her busy long enough for us to get out of here.”
Rain raised her eyebrow at Oda. “Your life isn’t enough for you?” she said.
Oda laughed. “You can’t do anything to me once I’m dead,” he replied. “And I’m not dumb enough to keep that stone anywhere you can find it without my help.”
Rain scowled and pointed the rocket launcher at him. “Tell me where the stone is,” she demanded.
As Oda and Rain bickered, the group slowly inched towards the woods. Rain ignored them.
“Why should I?” Oda said mockingly. “If I do, you’ll only kill me because I’m not needed anymore.”
Rain shrugged. “Have it your way,” she replied. She put down the rocket launcher and pulled out a pistol. She pointed it at Oda and began walking forward.
“Now!” Oda cried when she was half way between him and the rocket launcher.
The group ran into the woods quickly. Oda followed slightly behind them. They could hear Rain firing her weapon and swearing, but they got well into the woods before she could shoot anyone.
They continued running until they couldn’t hear Rain anymore.
“Now what?” Bristol asked.
“I want to go home!” Bethany cried. “Take me home!”
“And risk letting that psycho near your family?” Oda replied. “I don’t think so.”
Bethany blinked up at him through tear-filled eyes.
“Oda’s right,” Bristol replied. “We need to get rid of that woman and her crazy king before we can take you home.”
“What about me?” Geoffrey asked. “When can I go home?”
Bristol looked down at him sadly. “You can’t go home,” she said. “You’re too young to live on your own.”
“What about me?” Michael replied. “I’ve been living on my own for a while.”
“Neither of you will be living alone from now on,” Bristol replied.
“Then where will we live?” Geoffrey asked.
“I don’t know yet,” Bristol replied. “But we’ll figure something out.”
As they stood there talking, they could hear a motor coming close to them fast.
“Hide!” Oda cried.
They all began to run and dive behind trees and into bushes. But Rain had seen them and had started shooting at them before they could get fully hidden.
Michael grabbed a rock and jumped out from behind the bush he was hiding in. He threw the rock as hard as he could and hit the side of the plane. The rock went right through the metal, causing a hole to form. He picked up another rock and threw it too. It smashed into the wing, creating another hole. A third rock hit the plane’s engine. Rain had begun to fly away when the third rock hit. When it fell out of the sky, the plane was far away from the group. However, they could see a pillar of smoke making it’s way up to the sky.
“Why didn’t you do that sooner?” Oda cried.
Michael shrugged. “I didn’t know I could,” he replied.
Oda huffed.
“Come on,” Bristol cried. “We need to find a place we can get supplies. Then we need to get back to that town and stop that psycho king.”

Would You Rather Self-Publish of Publish Traditionally?

I’m not going to write a whole lot here because my eyes are dilated and reading hurts, but I want to put this out there.

There is a major debate out there about the best way to publish. On the one hand, self-publishing gives the author a lot of freedom and allows the to publish faster. On the other hand, traditional publishing helps the author sell more books and makes it more likely that the author will become a household name. So which method would you use? And what’s your reasoning for preferring that method?

Personally, I want to go with traditional publishing. I have two reasons for wanting to go this route. First, I have an anxiety disorder. I’m not comfortable with the whole marketing my own book thing, and I’m not comfortable having to deal with all the people I’d have to deal with on my own. And second, I’m not very knowledgeable where business and marketing come in. I don’t have any training in it and I don’t have the time to learn the ropes. As such, if I went the self-publishing route it would take me just as long to publish because I’d need to learn those skills. Traditional publishing allows me to work with someone who has the skills that I don’t have, and it means that my primary job is writing. Yes, I’d still have to promote my book, but not to the anxiety-inducing degree that I would have to otherwise. Frankly, I don’t mind sharing my earnings if it makes my job easier (and keeps me sane).

What are the Sins of the Fantasy Genre?

By which I mean what is it that makes a fantasy novel badly written? Why is this the case? And who among the known authors has committed these sins?

Which Holmes Brother is Truely More Intelligent?

Lately I have been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. I go through phases when it comes to various story lines where one month I will want to absorb everything about a character and then I’ll forget about it for a year. So I guess this month it’s Sherlock (sadly there was about a three year gap of me caring on this one).

Anyway, while going through the stories, I noticed something. It is canonically accepted that Mycroft is smarter that Sherlock. In one of the books, Sherlock says as much, and he and Mycroft say as much in the BBC show. However, it is never actually obvious who is smarter. Sherlock and Mycroft assume that Mycroft is smarter, but Mycroft is also 7 years older than Sherlock. Growing up, they had no reference point for who was smarter because of the age gap. And Sherlock would have always looked up to Mycroft as his big brother. As adults, they seem to have kept that perception without having anything to go on. We don’t know what kind of grades either got, or how well they did in school, or even much about what Mycroft general excels and fails at (other than politics). When we do see Mycroft using similar skills to Sherlock’s, they are generally comparable. As such, we can’t actually say who is smarter, we can only say that both Sherlock and Mycroft believe that Mycroft is smarter, which is very different.

The Boy in the Woods: Part 23

“Grab what you can and let’s go,” Oda said when they got back to Geoffrey’s house. They all ran inside and began to look for anything useful.
“Ew,” the girl said as she dug through the dressers in one of the bedrooms. “Isn’t there anything fashionable in here?”
“Quit whining and just take anything that will be useful,” Bristol replied.
“Useful for what?” the girl cried. “Rags?”
“Let me put it this way: we don’t know where we’ll be sleeping tonight,” Oda said coldly.
“Ew,” the girl cried. “I am not sleeping on some cold, hard ground.”
“You could always go back out there and take your chances with Rain,” Oda replied.
“No way,” the girl scoffed. “She’s psycho!”
“Then shut up and pack,” Oda said.
The girl sighed and went back to digging through the clothes in silence.
“Will we need money where we’re going?” Geoffrey asked Michael.
“Mm hmm,” Michael replied. “Bristol is always complaining about how much things cost.”
“And we’ll need to get provisions somewhere,” Palesa added. “And eventually we’ll need help stopping the king. That may require money.”
“What’s a king?” Geoffrey asked.
“Somebody who ruled countries a long time ago,” Palesa replied. “But the king I’m referring to is just a greedy old man.”
“Oh,” Geoffrey said. “But why do you want to stop him?”
“He’s evil,” Michael replied. “He killed Palesa’s dad for no reason.”
“He did?” Geoffrey asked. “Are you going to kill him then?”
“No,” Michael said. “Killing’s bad. We’re just going to make sure he can never hurt anybody ever again.”
“How?” Geoffrey asked.
Michael pulled out his own wishing stone. “By keeping him away from these,” he said.
“Hey!” Geoffrey cried, checking on his own stone. “Where’d you get that?”
Michael shrugged. “I got mine from my grandpa to,” he said.
“Oh,” Geoffrey said.
“So…why were you asking about money?” Palesa asked.
“Oh yeah,” Geoffrey replied. “Follow me.” He led Michael and Palesa into the basement. They went into a small room with shelves full of canned goods. In the corner of the room was a small chest. “My grandpa kept this in case of emergency,” he said. He opened the chest to reveal stacks of bills.
“Wow,” Michael and Palesa said together.
“Is that a lot?” Geoffrey asked.
Michael and Palesa both nodded. “There’s got to be thousands of dollars in there,” Palesa replied.
“Let’s take the money to Bristol,” Michael said. “Geoffrey, can you show this food to Oda?”
“Okay,” Geoffrey replied. He ran out of the door quickly.
Michael and Palesa shut the chest and lifted it together. Michael let them up the stairs with the chest. They found Bristol digging through the cupboards in the kitchen.
“Bristol, look,” Michael said, opening the chest.
“Oh my god!” Bristol cried. “Where did you find that?”
“In the basement,” Michael replied.
“Wow,” Bristol said. She took a handful of bills and put them into her pockets. “Each of you, take some money and put it in your pockets,” she ordered them.
Palesa and Michael did as they were told. “Now what?” Palesa asked.
“Michael,” Bristol replied. “Put some money in each of our bags. Palesa, take some and give it to each of the others. That way all our money won’t be in one spot and we’ll all have something in case we get separated.”
Palesa and Michael got to work dealing with the money.
Eventually they had six bags worth of provisions to take with them all sitting in front of the door.
“Everybody take a bag and let’s go,” Bristol said.
“You mean I have to carry something?” the girl cried.
“Of course,” Bristol replied. “You have arms.”
The others each grabbed a bag.
“But I can’t carry that,” the girl complained. “It’s too heavy.”
“You haven’t even tried to lift it yet,” Michael pointed out.
The girl stuck her tongue out at Michael.
“Carry it or we’ll leave you behind,” Oda snapped.
The girl paled and grabbed the bag. They left the house together and began to wonder through the woods.

The Boy in the Woods: Part 22

As they ran, they found themselves next to a highway.
“Shit!” Oda cried. “We must have made a wrong turn.”
“Where’s the plane?” Bristol cried.
“How should I know?” Oda yelled.
“You were leading us!” Bristol screamed.
As they fought, Geoffrey wondered into the middle of the road. “What is this?” he asked as he jumped up and down on the pavement.
“Why couldn’t you remember where the plane was?” Oda yelled at Bristol, ignoring Geoffrey.
“Me?” Bristol cried. “I didn’t land the damn thing!”
“But you were ridding in it,” Oda replied.
“Geoffrey, look out!” Michael cried as he noticed Geoffrey still jumping in the middle of the road and a car ploughing towards him. Michael reached out towards the car and stopped it like he had Bristol’s.
“Monster!” Geoffrey cried as the car slammed to a stop in front of him.
A teenage girl with long blond hair and a summer dress climbed out of the driver side door. “What the hell?” she cried.
“What do you mean ‘what the hell’?” Bristol replied. “Were you paying any attention to the road?”
The girl scoffed. “Like I was supposed to know that there would be a child jumping up and down in the middle of the road?” she said. “As if.”
“Go away monster!” Geoffrey yelled at the car. “No eating girls!”
“Geoffrey, shh,” Bristol said to the boy. “No,” she said turning to the girl. “But other people do use these roads, you know. What if you hit another vehicle? Or a deer?”
The girl scoffed again. “Do you see any deer?” she sneered.
“Die!” Geoffrey cried suddenly. He jumped up and smacked the car hard with his make-shift fishing rod.
“What the hell, you little brat?” the girl shrieked. “Leave my car alone.”
Geoffrey blinked up at the girl. “But it was trying to eat you,” he said.
“Are you insane?” the girl cried. “My car was not trying to eat me! It’s a car!”
Geoffrey looked at the girl blankly.
The girl was about to start yelling at him again when a plane sped over top of them.
“It’s Rain,” Oda cried. “Come on!”
They began to run back the way they came as the plane turned around and came back towards them. The girl yelled after them, but her words were lost to a loud bang.
They turned around long enough to see the girl running toward them, screaming loudly.
“They’re trying to kill me!” she screamed as she caught up with them.
The ever growing group ran quickly in the direction they thought the plane was in. Thanks to the tree cover, Rain flew overhead, but didn’t shoot at them.
After about 15 minutes, they finally stumbled into the clearing where the plane had been hidden, but they were too late. Rain had discovered their plane and had used it for target practise. She was still circling the area, looking for them.
“Now what?” Bristol cried.
“We could go back to my house,” Geoffrey suggested.
“She knows where you live,” Oda replied. “She’ll find us there.”
Geoffrey thought for a moment. “Well…we need supplies,” he said. “We could just go back to grab a few things.”
“That’s a great idea!” Michael cried.
“What about your parents?” Bristol asked Geoffrey.
“I don’t have any,” Geoffrey replied.
“Really?” Bristol said. “You lived there all by yourself?”
“Yup,” Geoffrey replied.
“Hey, I used to live on my own too!” Michael cried.
“You did?” Geoffrey asked. “Did the monster kill your family too?”
“You can share your life stories later,” Oda cried. “We don’t have time for this.”
The girl whimpered. “We’re all going to die and I’ve never even had a boyfriend,” she whispered.
“Who cares about that?” Bristol cried. “Come on.” She grabbed the girl’s sleeve and began to drag her towards Geoffrey’s house. The others followed them.

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